Innovation for the processing and rewinding of the thread. We deliver the machine and the solution!


Focus on innovation

Starting from a well-established engineering method and approach, KOBAO provides innovative technologies and solutions that enable its clients do more with less, and to obtain the best quality of the yarn. Our product catalogue, portfolio, references and expertise are ready to meet the growing set of challenges in the field of textile industry. That’s how we’re focusing on innovation. A company with deep roots in the past that is playing as a global provider of customized solutions in a highly dynamic market.

Global Partnership

Kobao is a “global consultant” in many ways. First of all, because we are one of the few providers of technologies for the textile industry capable to offer a full range of machines and solutions for all needs. Then, we are “global” since we are able to act as a partner at every single stage of the process: the initial identification of the right solution for the client, the setting up of the process, the assistance and delivery of spare parte during operations. Finally, we operate worldwide. Kobao: the global partner for the textile industry.