TAT180 doubling and twisting machine is built on our TAT compound twisting platform with primary twisting on upper deck, 2 or 3 ply assembling in the middle and secondary twisting by ring twisting on bottom deck. 

TAT180 has supply bobbin gauge 180mm and max. supply capacity 550garms, mainly for light denier (single ply 55dtex~330dtex) high tenacity polyester or nylonfilament sewing thread and rayon viscose embroidery thread. 

TAT180 has max. supply spindle no. 360 and 180 take up spindles for 2 ply but only 120 spindles for 3 ply. 2 ply machine is flexible to process 3 ply yarn. 60 spindles will be empty at that time, therefore becomes first alternative for the beginners.

Before TAT180, we need to transfer the material into flange bobbin. 

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TAT180 can be easily operated and the bobbins loading and unloading can be done in few seconds. The free yarn balloon with less tension variation ensures excellent twisting quality with extreme twist even and strength loss is avoided inmaximum. This is the very key parameters for a smooth sewing performance. 

Finally the take up bobbin will be wound into soft cone for dyeing purpose.

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Technical parametersTAT180 2X1TAT180 3X1
Material count rangedtex55~275 without flyer55~275 without flyer
Product count rangedtex110~550165~825
Twist rangetpm65~125065~1250
Upper spindle No. 360360
Lower spindle No. 180120
Max. Take up spindle speed rpm82508250
depends on yarn count depends on yarn count
Supply spindle gaugemm180180
Disc dia. dmm8080
Height hmm200200
yarn capacity gram550550
Take up spindle gaugemm180270
Upper disc dia. d1mm8080
Lower disc dia. d2mm105115
Height hmm280280
Yarn capacity gram11001600
Power installed Kw23.623.6