TRS-F2T air texturing machine, enable process the synthetic filament yarns from FDY/POY forms to ATY yarns by cold compressed air steam.     

Synthetic filament yarn after air texturing has a look and soft feeling similar to cotton or staple yarns, but it still preserves all properties of continuous yarns, like anti-abrasion, drying fast, colorfastness and UV protective.   

Suitable material: Polyamide/Polyester/PP filament yarn 

How does it work? 

One or several feeding yarns come from the creels located on the left and right side. They will be 8%~30% overfed by feed roller 1, wetted and enter air texturing zone. After that, the finished yarn will be driven by feed roller 2 and taken up into cops finally. 

Sometimes, stabling heater will be equipped to improve the hot shrinkage. 

Which yarn can be processed? 

With optional slub attachment, we may create a lot of new possibilities, like core/effect yarn, thick thin yarn, and random yarn. While equipped with optional lycra unwinding attachment, we may combine with lycra and bring new comfort yarn. Many new tries are to be developed by your creation. 

Technical parametersTRS-F2T
Product count rangedtex30~600
Suitable materialPolyamide/Polyester/PP filament
Position No. Max. 288
No. of section Max.12
No. of position/section24
Section lengthmm1440
Position gaugemm360
No. of feed package/position4
No. of feed roller/position3
Slub attachment Optional
Lycra insertOptional
Stabling heaterOptional
Delivery speedmpm700~1000
depends on yarn count
Take up tube dimensionmm75x290