Suitable yarn type: 

nylon dty+lycra, polyester dty+lycra, multiply filament dty 

Denier range: 50~3300 dtex

Our Classic AC based on our pioneering individual spindle control technology, allows different production on each position. This offers our customers an efficient production of even smallest lots.   

The optimal yarn path and excellent tension control ensures the optimization of the closeness and stability of the yarn intermingling.   

One button kick to shift from lycra air covering to multiply filament intermingling

How the air covering process works?

Air covered yarns (ACY) are produced by combining one or more draw textured filament yarns together with an elastomer yarn like spandex. Both types of yarn run through an intermingling jet, where air pressure will be applied to create interlacing zones. 

1)The filament yarns is overfed, entering the jet in a relaxed form, allowing the formation of intermingled points. 

2)The elastomer yarn will be stretched to a specific draw-ratio, to create the required elasticity in the final application.

Compared to the conventional covering process, the air covering process excels in much higher productivity, especially for fine counts, since the DTY and Elastane are intermingled and not twisted together, eliminating the requirements of high need of high rotation speeds, which is limiting factor of the conventional covering process.

Technical specification model Classic AC
Type of windingDrum
Hard or Soft windingHard
Max. mechanical speedm/min800
Max. yarn speedm/min600~800
Traverse lengthmm210/270
Take-up tubesCylindrical
Max. take-up package diametermm300
Max. take-up package weightkg4
N° of spindles/section4
N° of spindles/ Max.40
Installed power/spindleW500
Compressed airBar6